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      浙江基誠機械制造有限公司座落于中國泵閥之鄉-浙江永嘉。公司主導產品有:蝶閥與電磁閥。公司擁有高精度的數控機床和加工中心,設備及檢測儀器,精良的工藝以及嚴格完善的質量管理體系,并聚集具有專業技術精英和領先水平的科技隊伍,充分利用新工藝、新材料,保證產品的穩定性和可靠性。基誠閥門以及合理的價格,使“基誠閥門”名聲美揚。 公司將不斷努力,打造“基誠”品牌。

      公司自成立以來,始終堅持技術引進,非常注重人才,通過對公司人員的專業培訓,讓公司人員從中得到鍛煉、發展和提升,回顧今天的成就,我們對未來充滿信心,未來發展路上,我們將繼續努力,逐步建立完善的銷售,服務網絡。創造出優質的 產品!

      Zhejiang Jicheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Yongjia, Zhejiang, the hometown of pumps and valves in China. The company's leading products are: butterfly valve and solenoid valve. The company has high-precision CNC machine tools and processing centers, equipment and testing instruments, excellent technology and strict and perfect quality management system, and gathers professional and technical elites and leading scientific and technological teams to make full use of new processes and materials to ensure the stability and reliability of products. Jicheng valve and reasonable price make "Jicheng valve" famous. The company will make continuous efforts to build the internationalization of "Jicheng" brand.

        Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the introduction of technology and attached great importance to talents. Through the professional training of the company's personnel, the company's personnel can be tempered, developed and improved. Looking back on today's achievements, we are full of confidence in the future. On the way of future development, we will continue to work hard and gradually establish a perfect sales and service network. Create high-quality products.

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